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Environmental Projects

How to Draw a Dolphin
Endangered Species List
Endangered Species Drawing & Newspaper Article Project
Template for Newspaper
Bird Sketching and Listening Notebook
Scrimshaw Carvings
Make an Animal Habitat

Recycled Projects

Guitar and Other Musical Instruments
Garden Projects
Marionette from Recycled Objects

Multicultural Projects

Chinese Landscape Painting
French Recycled Perfume Bottle
Faux Russian Plate
Paper Quilt-Group Project
Paris Opera House Ceiling Project
Old West Gold Pouch
Old West Cowboy Hat
Native American Vest
Native American Buffalo Storytelling Cloth
Native American Teepee
Native American Puppet
Native American Brave Canister
Native American Paper Doll & Fashion
Native American Faux Leather
African Love Beads
African International Doll

Cross-Curriculum Projects

Literature/History Theme Shoeboxes

Charlotte's Web Shoebox
Create Your Own Art Products
Theatre Arts
Mircoscope Inspired Drawings
Make construction paper Flags using
this website as inspiration
Fashion Arts-Make a Hat
Make a Model of the White House

Holiday Projects

Christmas Art Project Ideas
 Christmas Around the World part 2
Thanksgiving Turkey Clay Pot Planter

Self-Esteem and Family Project

Self-Portrait Drawings
Self-Image Collage


Intergenerational Art Projects

Self-Portrait Drawings
Self-Image Collage
Hero Drawings
Good Samaritan Faux Stain Glass
Mom, Dad, and Me Projects




Art Projects That Teach About Other Cultures

Visit Africa
Visit France
Visit the United States

Visit the States individually in America

Visit Hawaii
Visit Russia
Visit India

Visit Australia

Parent and Me

Scout Project

Sunday School

 Chagall Ceiling





































The following are also outstanding art lesson resources around the internet.

Dick Blick


Kinder Art


Huntsville City Schools Art Lesson Plans by Ginny Dixon


Internet School Library Media Center


Arts Edge


Ask Eric


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