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Environmental Project

Make an Animal Habitat

Materials Needed

A lid to a cardboard box, a shoebox, or a small cardboard box
Old Magazines, such as, National Geographic, or Zoonews
Glue, Scissors, and Tape
Floral Wire, or Pipe Cleaners
Twigs, Seashells, Leaves, and Bark
Fabrics, Cotton Balls, and Found Objects
Optional:  Acetate Paper


Select an animal of your choice and create a simulated home or habitat background ( a facsimile of what your animal would live in) though found objects and pictures.   First you will need to do some research.  Does your creature live in the sea, the woods, the desert?  Paint or collage the inside and outside of the habitat.  Create a 3 D effect by arranging items from the environment and found objects within the box.  Imagine that the box is one frame in a movie, or a stage set.  What do you want the viewer to know about your animal?  Draw or cut a photograph from the magazines of your animal and attach it to the inside of the box.  You might want to add a sheet of acetate paper to the outside of the box when you are finished.