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ART for the Elementary School Teacher Workshop

Highly Recommended. 


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Starts August 6th, 2018



Join other elementary teachers who have attended this recommended art workshop.

Art for the Elementary Teacher gives practical tips, lesson plans,

and resources that make it easier to achieve your goals. This is a class for all teachers who want to add art to their curriculum.


Recommendations from past participants:

Most recent recommendation first. . .

I have gained a lot from the workshop and I will try to be specific about its benefits. I now have numerous ideas for lesson plans using a variety of materials which relate to theme, age, integration of subjects, ones that focus on the elements and standards of art, intergenerational art projects, and ones that are take-offs from a particular artist's style. I also have access to links which provide free patterns and I can take virtual tours of exhibits from links which you provided. I now know that I can borrow free
dvds from National Gallery of Art so that I can provide students with visual information about artists and styles of art. It was valuable to learn about classroom organization and the safety of art materials. As a result of this class my growth as a potential art instructor, as well as my own personal growth as an artist, has been tremendous! And yes, I would recommend this class to anyone who teaches art to children!!

I have broadened my perspective on teaching, and gotten a lot of ideas on how to reach children. I would recommend the course to my coworkers. It would be good for further professional development.

It has been great to share ideas with others and gain new information that I can use in my art classes. The websites are extremely helpful, and I am glad to add those to my resources. I am looking forward to using the format for looking at a work of art to encourage my students to really look at a work of art in a whole new way. There are many questions to choose from that will provide prompts for students when writing about art.

I like the ideas for integrating art with other content areas. This appeals to a variety of learning styles and strengthens skills students can use across the curriculum and throughout their lives. I plan to use the resources from this workshop to incorporate more lessons that connect to other subjects.

I've enjoyed making some of the projects and will be able to use those as examples when I teach the lessons.

I am especially excited about the ideas for planning a year of art. I like the thought of planning the whole year and knowing what objectives the students will be working toward. This will help when I order supplies and will help me coordinate the lessons with the different grade levels.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

I would recommend this course to classroom teachers, since they so often have the opportunity to add some hands on learning to the lesson.

I would also recommend this class to art teachers as a review.

Whether you  are an experienced art teacher or have no prior art experience, this workshop is for you.  No prior art experience is necessary.  This is a workshop for public, private, and homeschool teachers-or anyone who works with children's groups and need art projects ideas and advice.


This 4 week workshop is entirely online and facilitated by an experienced

art instructor.


The fee for the workshop is $125.00. 

Those who finish the class will receive an attractive Thank You for Participation Certificate (No CEUs awarded for this non-credit 12 hour workshop)


Valerie Colston, M.A.  was among the art project consultants for the Wyland Foundation Oceans Teacher program. She has taught 100 Art Ideas for Teachers at the University of California, San Diego Extension.   Ms. Colston is the author of 200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills, Barrons Educational Series. and Teens Go Green!  Libraries Unlimited.  and teaches Art History and Information and Digital Literacy at the University level.




The workshop will cover:

Art Lessons for Incorporating Art into Math, Science, and Reading
The Museum as Educator
Art Links that You Need to Know About
Bringing Art History into the Classroom
How to-Hands on Art Projects
Addressing Art Standards
Tips for Teaching Art to Children!