The Tierrasanta Branch Library
Shoebox Float Competition

Youth Services Librarian Ann Spring organized a Shoebox Float Competition for the children and teens of the Tierrasanta Library community. 

Ms. Spring invited Art Teacher on the Net to participate in a How to Create a Shoebox Float workshop.  You will find instructions for creating a Shoebox Float below with a few examples presented at the workshop.  A special Thank You!!!
to Ms. Spring, who developed and organized this successful art competition event for the Tierrasanta community and to library volunteers, James Spring (Photographer), and Amy Hall who created the extraordinary Shoebox Art-The Three Little Pigs, and Goldilocks which was displayed at the Tierrasanta Library. 


Goldilocks-Amy Hall

You can make a shoebox too. . .

Shoebox Art Projects

You will be creating a "tableau" or a story in art.  A tableau
tells a story visually.

1.  First think about a book that was exciting, interesting, or fun for you to read.  What was the story about?  Write a short summary of the story as if you were telling a friend about the book.   After you finish, think about the visual images that were created in your mind as you composed your summary of the story.
What are the most vivid or powerful images that you imagine as you think about the story.  What do you think are the most important aspects of the story, or a part of the story that someone who has never read the book should know to understand the story?  What image do you feel would best illustrate your story?
2. Next make a sketch;  use a pencil, crayons, or makers to make a plan or design of what your box will look like.
3. You will need to decide (a) If your box will be positioned vertically, horizontally (b) If the lid will be on the top of the box, behind the box, vertically inside the box, etc. (c) If you will need to cut the box or leave it as it is.
4. Cover the outside of the box.  You can use newspaper, construction paper, old magazines, paint, crayons, or just leave it as it is (especially those neat Star Wars, Winnie the Pooh, Barbie and other nicely designed shoe boxes).
5. Create the inside or contents.  You can use all of the following to create the inside or story of your box.  Be imaginative.  Donít limit your creativity.
*Draw figures, houses, animals, people, places, and things.
*Make a collage, by using old magazines, newspapers, or photographs.
*Use found objects.
*Transform found objects into buildings, cars, people etc.
*Use recycled materials to create objects to put into your shoe box tableau.
*Make your own clay, glue, or other materials.
*Use preformed patterns to create characters.
*Be sure to attach objects and figures so that they are sturdy.
*Cut and glue pattern attachments onto poster board, and glue so those objects will stay in place.
4. After you are finished, be sure to write your name, age and date someplace on the shoe box, and create a placard that tells the viewer your name, age, the title of the shoe box and date.
Most of All Have Fun with this project, and READ and CREATE ART as often as possible.

Some Examples

Charlotte's Web

Secret Garden


Moby Dick