Visit the webpage “Guide to Australia?at

  1. Create a travel brochure and travel poster based on information that they glean from the site.
  2. Create an Australian map.  Guide to Australia-Map and State Emblems

Visit the website “Aboriginal Art?at

  1. Create a Rock painting.
  2. Create a Bark painting.  Use the faux leather made from paper bags or brown wrapping paper for the material rather than real bark.

 Visit the “Save the Koala? website at

  1. Find out everything you can about these endangered animals and ask students to create a Koala environment.
  2. Write a newspaper article about the plight of the Koala and illustrate it.
  3. Draw a Koala.  Visit the “Enchanted Learning?website at

Visit the “Australian Animals?website at

  1. Create a habitat using a shoebox, drawings, and found objects of various Australian animals.

Visit the “Oz Outback?website at

Explore the aboriginal art.  Create your own.

 Create a Coral Reef Environment, or Coral Reef  Bookmarks, or Coral Reef T-shirts, Visit the “Coral Reef?Enchanted Learning website at

 Learn about and create a boomerang.

Boomerang Resources for Kids

Note Age Level Requirements for projects.

 Australian Webquest

 Sydney Opera House

Make a Paper Opera House by Paper Toys

Cereal Box Boomerang

 Cardboard Boomerangs

 Anzac Day-April 25-