I need help becoming an art appraiser. I know I need to take a lot of art history and art classes but what else do I need to take in college? Do I also have to be a great drawer? My drawings look like a kids. If so can you give me any more information on art appraising?

Dave a Single Dad from Phoenix, Arizona writes. . .Dear Art Teacher on the Net, Please help! I am a part time father of 3 girls ages 5, 11, and l4. My 5 year old is a very happy well adjusted and creative child and would rather spend her time with me drawing, painting or maybe just making something out of toothpicks than going to the park or movies or the things that Dads seem to do with their children. The problem is that art in general and art that kids would enjoy is just not my field! I am TOTALLY lost when it comes to thinking up things to do with a 5 year old child. I have tried all the computer programs to the tune of hundreds of dollars, but with her it's just not the same as creating something with Dad. . . . . . .Thanks.


Thank you very much.  I am an art teacher for children.  Keep the art workshops going.  Also in great need of help for parents needing help with children with learning problems and disabilities.  Children with eye problems and development ECT.  I am finding out a lot on my own with trial and error.  I teach art at my home.  Families are asking me for help. . .

I am a primary school teacher working in a small school in Newcastle upon tyne England.
I was wondering if you could help.  My topic this term is Self Portait and I currently teach Year 1 ( Age 5-6 ).  They are a particularly young class and so I cannot give them anything too challenging.  However I am struggling for ideas, besides the obvious using a mirror to draw their own face and using different materials.
I would appreciate any ideas.


Do you have any good spanish language art sites?


I'm beginning my first year as an Elementary art teacher in the fall and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on the best way to begin. I have lessons mapped out and am getting ready for the year, but I am a little concerned as to how to start it off right


 I like drawing.  I'm looking for the skills to draw portrait by normal pencils, and how to draw to look exactly the photograph or any people.  I tried to do it, but I can't.  Perhaps I don't know how to use pencil, paper, or something else.  Please show me.  I want to draw a picture for my aunt's birthday.     CLICK ON THE PORTRAIT FOR THE ANSWER.


      I am applying to graduate school for art education.  Do you have advice on how to put my portfolio together? Should all the slides be in one concentration or of many mediums?

We are trying to make a map of Poland for a school project. Can't be
 computer drawn. We would like to make a past and build a 3d topographic
Any ideas?



My six year old loves to draw.  What can I do to help the process?


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