I need help becoming an art appraiser. I know I need to take a lot of art history and art classes but what else do I need to take in college? Do I also have to be a great drawer? My drawings look like a kids. If so can you give me any more information on art appraising?

You can contact these organizations who can help you.

Metropolitan Museum

The Met Museum has many internship programs.


Seattle Art Museum

Ask a Docent



Library of Congress

Ask a Librarian

Humanities and Social Science Research



PBS Roadshow



Ask Art

A wonderful site where you can look up the value of art pieces.



Sothebys Auction House

Auction Estimate Services

If you have a work of art, Sothebys can give you a auction estimate.  Note the difference between Auction Appraising and an Auction Estimate.



Appraisers Association of America

Education and Appraiser Referrers