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Art Teacher on the Net Online Workshops

Arts and Crafts for the Librarian


This four week workshop offers teachers art project ideas, networking with others, and the convenience of online learning.

 Price:      $59.00

Enroll: Art for Librarians

Approved for 12 LEUs (Indiana)

It's Fun to be Green for Librarians Workshop (Tween and Teen Emphasis.

This four week workshop shows librarians and YSL simple ideas for creating projects with the environment and budget in mind.  Tween and Teen Emphasis.

Price:      $59.00


12 hours Non-Credit

Approved for 12 LEUs for Indiana Librarians

Creating Cartoon Library Programs

A once taboo medium has become an effective medium in the classroom.  Graphic Novels, Comics, Magna, Anime and Cartoon will be introduced along with simple cartooning techniques will be presented.

Price:      $59.00

Enroll:  Cartooning in the Classroom.

12 hours Non-Credit

It's Fun to be Green for     the Librarian and Staff(Ages 5-12) Emphasis.

This four week workshop offers librarians and staff include recycling projects and environmental, ocean, and other nature inspired projects. Age 5-12 Emphasis.

Approved for 12 LEUs for Indiana librarians

Price:    $59.00

Enroll:  Green Teacher

12 hours Non-Credit

Go Green! Babies, Toddlers, Preschool and Kinders

This four week workshop shows librarians, YSL assistants and staff, fun and useful green theme art projects and programs for Baby, Toddler, and Pre-K visitors.

Price:      $59.00

Enroll:Go Green! Babies, Toddlers, & Pre-K Librarians

Approved for 12 LEUs (Indiana Librarians)

12 hours Non-Credit














Art for the School Librarian

This four week workshop offers unique ideas and project ideas for the school librarian, media specialist, and staff.

 Price:      $59.00

Enroll  School Librarian

12 hours Non-Credit


Intergenerational Programs


Four week, fun and informative class that presents projects that bring seniors and young people and families together in fun and informative programs.




Network with other Librarians.
Interact with an Art Expert and Author.
Four weeks of instruction.
12 Hour Classes.
Thank You for Participating Certificate. (non-credit)

Librarians are often asked to communicate or speak a visual language. The Graphic Design for Librarians class gives you the rules and tools for making that challenge not only possible but fun.

The four week class gives you an opportunity to network and share ideas with others who are actively engaged in what you are doing. No prior art experience is needed or required to learn simple guidelines for making those graphic design tasks easier and more effective-no matter the project.

Ignite your creative spark while learning basic skills needed to produce practical projects with the hardware and software you have already.

Learn art fundamentals that will help you create effective design projects. Through illustrated lectures, hands-on assignments, and discussion groups you will explore basic principle and design elements, attention grabbers, and tips for creating the layout, font, and content techniques you want to project.

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Price:  $59.00

12 Non-Credit Hours

Approved for 12 LEUs (Indiana Librarians)


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