You will find a very nice Christmas websites with famous art works from a variety of art museums around the world.
Along with art historical information you find the Christmas Story told from the gospel of Luke.

Famous, well known artist’s paintings from around the web have been organized to tell the story of Jesus’ birth.


Read the biblical account of Christmas and see famous paintings beautifully illustrate the miraculous story.  You will learn something about art history on this special site.

Project Idea

Visit the Nativity paintings at the webmuseum located at
Request permission from the website to print a copy of a Nativity Scene by a famous artist.  Glue the print onto a piece of cardboard, cut, creating a Christmas puzzle.

For other Christmas puzzle ideas see
Christmas Games/Puzzles/and Coloring Books

You can create your own puzzle at Puzzlemaker located at

Christmas Trivia Quiz at the Family Game site located at

Lots of Puzzles and Games at Billy4Kids safe website.

Project Idea

Ask children to create a painting inspired by a Renaissance Nativity Painting.  Create a Place Mat by laminating the painting for children to give as a Gift.

Visit Major Museums on the Internet and Ask for Educational Materials for teaching children about art history.  There are Navitity and other Religious Paintings in all major museums.

Project Idea

Create a fresco, by first creating a "wall" plaster of paris in containers such as meat trays, or plastic coffee lids.  Let dry, and have children paint, Renaissance art scenes, using gold acrylic paint (not gold leaf).  Care, and caution should be taken working with plaster of paris.  Follow package instructions.