Intergenerational Art Projects and Art Programming 

Class Starts December 2nd, 2019 Enroll Through December 9th, 2019.  12 LEU Approved




No matter our age we can probably remember a person older and younger than we who influences or influenced our lives.  It could have been an aunt, a teacher, a mom or dad, the librarian that could always locate just the right resource.  Most of us also remember a grandparent that taught us something we would have never learned without them.  Admit it, wasn't it a teen that you went to for help before you first became internet savey? Generations help each other.  The library is a safe place for people to relate to each other and engage.

Babies, Toddlers, Pre-school, Kinders, Tweens, Teens, Young Adults, Career Age Adults, Young Families, Seniors, Retired, and Assisted Living EVERYONE benefits by interacting with various ages and generations and all can learn from one another.

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Every generation likes art and has something creative to contribute to the other.  This workshop presents art project and art programming ideas for librarians who want to bring multigenerational and intergenerational activities into their library programs and learn how others are doing it. 

Find out how one library districted collaborated with multiple libraries, local artists, and business to produce intergenerational art lessons and exhibits.

Do you need tips, techniques and information to make your job easier in incorporating multigenerational activities and programs?

Past Participate Comments:

The most helpful was the link to the San Diego directory and the Penn State link. These resources gave me ways to explore intergenerational programs and how important they are to many communities. You definitely need to begin to think in different ways when it comes to planning an intergenerational program. For instance, you need to think safety and ability for adults, which is a new concept for me. I think the resources will assist me in planning events for this group. The sources listed inspired me to think about what local resources do I have at my disposal in this community. I plan to explore these new avenues in the coming months.

I feel the graphic design tips to be very helpful. I have created many flyers for programs but was never educated on how best to present the information. I can use this information to better reach patrons when planning intergenerational programs.

 I have completely and totally enjoyed this class.

 I think the most important thing I learned was get a plan and get started.  Don't over think it!  Students and seniors are extremely forgiving.  The most import thing is community.  How does this program build up our students and seniors within our community.  It give all participants a sense of pride, of creating something new and/or different and builds relationship through creativity.

Picasso Inspired "Generational Hands"

See Sample Project

Intergenerational Art Projects and Art Programming

This is a practical class with real life applications. You will learn why multigenerational programs are important and how to create them.  You will have an opportunity to look at program examples and develop your own portfolio. Reading book lists and other multigenerational resources will be included.

Activities that are inclusive, relative, and fun for all ages will be outlined. Suggestions for exploring the talents of all ages and offering programs that bring family members together will also be presented.

Online Format 12 hours (12 LEUs Approved)

Week 1- Defining intergenerational programming. Why is it beneficial?   How do you find participants?

Collaborating with other groups, companies, and organizations. The Gold Standard-taking a look at successful multigenerational library programs.

Week 2-What makes a good program? How to plan for it.  How to locate good ideas. Creating an Event and Theme Calendar.  Creating a program template.

Week 3-Organizing an idea, project, and program portfolio.  The Young, Old and In-Between-Creating Programming for all ages.  Bring Seniors and Children and Teens will attend.

Week 4-Marketing your program. Creating exhibits, displays and other graphic design Multigenerational projects.

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