Graphic Design for Librarians

Taught by the author of Graphic Design: A Practical Guide for Librarians Rowman & Littlefield March 2019 (See the Reviews)

Online Workshop for Librarians and Staff
(No Prior Art Background Required)
All Library Staff Welcome

Develop your creativity and your unique style.  Gain confidence and learn what the professionals know.

Fun, Resourceful, Informative! Recommended by Librarians. Learn where to locate the tools and programs that make your job easier. All Library Staff Welcome See examples of graphic design projects librarians are creating and learn how to create your own. Learn professional tips. Find out where to get free images and videos. Get feedback on your flyers and other graphic design projects. Enroll your multiple library staff for a discount.

The four week class gives you an opportunity to network and share ideas with other librarians who are actively engaged in what you are doing. No prior art experience is needed or required to learn simple guidelines for making those graphic design tasks easier and more effective. You will concentrate on flyers and posters the first two weeks and then get an overview of many more graphic design projects the next two weeks. You will decide which project interests you.

Learn to value your designs.
Get ideas that are related to the tasks that you perform. Do you need advice on a project?
Get individualized feedback from an art expert.
Gain confidence in your own ability and resources that you will discover.

    Librarians across the country and internationally have taken the course. Here is a small sampling of the many positive comments that have been received:

    • The most helpful information to me was regarding fonts and how to utilize them for ease in reading and eye-direction. I also tend to want to utilize all the space in a flyer, and learning to use white-space as part of a design, will help me to simplify. I also benefited from a lot of sites that offered graphic design “terminology”. I am self-taught, so having some of the more technical terms, and knowing what they mean, helps me to feel more confident in my skills and talking to others about my projects.
    • I learned that I need to be more aware of font, color, and placement. I liked the guidance and direction that was given to us for this project, but I especially loved how you let us use our own creativity for the project. So much fun!
    • The most helpful information has been the links to free image sites. . .now I have a ridculous amount of images to look through.
    • The links to the templates and the link to the free graphic design software was particularly helpful.
    • The most beneficial aspect to me was seeing so many examples of what other libraries have done with signage, social media, etc. I've bookmarked some sites and am returning to them as idea sources for infographics or quickly make something that looks professional. My flyer designs have improved 200% since starting this class.
    • Overall, the visual examples and the links to resources have been the most helpful to me. The exercise of creating a flyer from scratch was eye-opening and enjoyable. . .
    • The video clips were clear and informative.
    • I have already started using what I learned in creating at least a 1/2 doz new flyers for our programs during the last few weeks! What is so satisfying is that people are noticing that the flyers are a lot more interesting to look at and I have gotten several compliments on them (yeah!)
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