It's Fun to go Green! Art Programming (Ages 5-12 emphasis)

 Art Projects with the Environment in Mind for Librarians.

4 week online workshop Starts December 2, 2019 Enroll Today Through December 9th, 2019. 12 LEU Approved  (Indiana Librarians) All Librarians, Teachers, Parents and Staff Welcome.

Course Title-Itís Fun to Go Green!   Art Programming (Age 5-12 Emphasis)

Course Description-This class is for librarians and staff who are looking for new art program and project ideas that incorporate an appreciation for the environment and the use of recycled objects for their Age 5-12 audience. Taught by Valerie Colston author of  Teens  Go Green! Tips, Techniques, Tools, and Themes for Young Adult Programming (Libraries Unlimited 2012,) the workshop teaches simple to follow and easy to implement going green basics. Topics include: A) How to use the most common throw away materials to create art B) Teaching children to appreciate nature through art activities C) Easy to follow art projects and programming that are economic and eco friendly D) Showing off and marketing your green programming. E) Developing a portfolio of ideas.


Instructor Valerie Colston, M.A. is an author and art instructor with many years of experience developing and teaching art programs in libraries  in San Diego, California.  She has also successfully taught librarians from libraries across the U.S. and other countries in her online Art and Crafts for Youth Librarians workshops.  Ms. Colston, the facilitator of the workshop,  was among the  art consultants to the Wyland Foundation Ocean Challenge program for elementary teachers.  Her book 200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills published by Barrons Educational Series has received outstanding reviews appearing in School Library Journal, National Art Education Association newsletter, and more. Her It's Easy to be a Green Teen  appeared in the youth librarian publication Voices of Youth Advocates magazine. She received received a recommended review from Teacher Librarians magazine for her Teens Go Green! Tips, Techniques, Tools, and Themes for Young Adult Programming published by Libraries Unlimited.   Her artwork was exhibited in a group exhibit titled "HOME" at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.

Course Objectives

Librarians and staff who take this class will learn teaching techniques for working with the 5-12 age group, they will also learn simple techniques for creating art projects and programming using recycled materials.  Participants will also gain a portfolio of creative programming ideas that deal with environmental themes which can be easily incorporated into their events immediately.  Participants will stretch their creativity and skills while having an expert at hand to help them as they develop confidence in their own abilities.


The workshop is offered completely online and takes 3 hours a week (12 hours total)  to complete.

The enrollment fee is $99.00

Week 1-Basic Supplies, Tips for Working with Children, Themes

This unit outlines the supplies you will need to get started.   Tips for working with this age group will be discussed.  You will learn the basics for developing themes and ideas, and share resources for creating a variety of green art projects and programming. How to use recycled materials to create puppets, dinosaurs, and other items that can be used in story times, and to enhance reading, and displays will be introduced.  Making gifts and items for celebrations and holidays are also included.

Week 2-Creating Projects and Programming with Environment in Mind

This unit presents hands on projects and programming that focus on the natural environment.  Garden, Oceans, and other natural wonders will be the emphasis of the projects this week.  Budget friendly materials will be introduced. Get inspired and begin to create your own ideas.  Finding and using resources will be included.

Week 3-Money Matters and Green Themes

Budget will be the focus of this unit. Participants will learn how to create projects under $1.00. Tips for creating a portfolio will be included.  How will you use these ideas in your own library? Find recycling materials in unexpected places.

Week 4-Make It and They will Come

This last week will be a busy week with many projects and programming ideas.  Learn simple marketing techniques to reach out to the community and bring them back to your library.

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