Quality Adult Programming at Your Library

Starts December 2, 2019

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* Learn how to make your programs relevant and fun for adult participants
of all ages. *

If you don't have a regular group of adult learners and participating
seniors attending programs at your library, you are leaving out an
important group.

Make it relevant and interesting and they will come.

*Finance, Socializing, Art, Real Estate, Home or Business Decorating,
Business, Careers, Politics, and Networking are just a few of the topics
patrons are interested in from their young adult years and throughout their

Find out what you can do to create quality Adult Programming in your
library and discover what others have done in libraries across the country.
You will create a program (on paper-that you can use in the future) with
the help of your instructor and others in the class. Join the fun and leave
with a portfolio of idea suggestions.

Find out what makes a successful program, how to collaborate with other
organizations, take field trips, bring experts in, and get funding sources.

What Recent Past Participates Wrote:

*The most helpful information for me has been regarding community
partnerships in library programming. The examples of both the potential
community collaborations and the types of topics that these partners may
provide has made me look at my own community with a new perspective.*

*I found the "thinking outside the box" ideas to be the most helpful
information. For example, we currently have a group of knitters that meet
at our library every Monday evening. I could ask them if they would like to
display some of their projects in one of our display cases for a time. We
might also work together to sell their projects as a library fundraiser, or
even work with a local agency where they could donate knitted items. I am
also intrigued by the idea of intergenerational programming. I can trying
this with crafts, science experiments, and book clubs.*

* Online Format (Access at your convenience) *4 Week Workshop, 12 hours
overall.(3 hours per week) *12 LEU* approved (Indiana Librarians) All

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