You will find detailed instructions for creating this project by clicking Project Instructions from the project page.  Below is an illustrated guide for completing the instructions

You will need 3 feathers,  2 doll eyes, l piece of jute (about l ft. long), l clay pot, 3 pieces of popcorn, 3 pieces of construction paper cut into triangular shapes (2 brown, l red), Plastic Bag filled about  l/4 full  with potting soil.  You will also need glue.
You will need a half-sheet of construction paper, pencil, and scissors.  Ask the child to trace their hand onto the construction paper.   Cut hand pattern with scissors.
Loop the jute and thread it through the bottom of the clay pot.
Tie a secure knot at the end of the looped piece of jute so that it will not fall through the hole in the clay pot.
Cut apart the fingers, and thumb of your construction paper hand.  The four fingers will be additional feathers.  The small construction squares will be used to decorated the feathers.  Use the thumb portion for the turkey  gobbler.  Children can also use crayons to decorate the feathers.
Give each child, 3 popcorn seeds and a sandwich bag filled not quite halfway with potting soil.  Let the children place the seeds into the bag, ask them to water the seeds.  Bring moistened potting soil and a spray bottle of water.  Tell children to place the plasic bag in sunlight and water as needed.  When the popcorn begins to sprout, children will be able to see it.  They can transfer the plastic bag contents into the clay pot when they see the roots begin to grow.

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