Summer Art Lesson Fun

Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte, George Seurat

It's Summer!  School may be out or you may be teaching Summer School.  Perhaps you are traveling to your favorite museums or art spots or just want to escape through virtual tours and work on your Fall Back to School curriculum.  Whether you are a parent, teacher, librarian, group leader-this Summer is a good month for interesting lesson plans to keep you and your student's interest in art. 

Celebrating Freedom

Most know that the United States and France celebrate their Independence Days in July, but did you know that there are other countries that also celebrate their important day in the Summer months?

List of National Independence Days (Wikipedia)

Make a Flag of Your Country

Use construction paper and this website as inspiration for creating a flag to celebrate Independence Day!

Flags of the World-Coloring Pages

School’s Out but the Art Continues

Laguna Beach is one of my favorite places for Summer visiting.  The artist Wyland has a beautiful studio there over looking the Pacific.  If you can't visit this Summer be sure to get the teacher lesson plans at the Wyland Website at
Art and Science Curriculum where you will find
exciting and valuable resources for classroom teachers.

Traveling to New York this Summer?  Can't make the trip?  Travel Virtually!

Architecture for Kids
Visit the Empire State Building Online Kids Page

Traveling to the Museums this Summer?

Be sure to talk to the educational curators of the Art Museums you visit this Summer.  Often there are teacher packs and classes offered especially to K-12 educators.

Most Art Museums have online lesson plans these days and they can be great resources to add to your curriculum when school starts again.

One of my favorites of course is the Getty Museum Center in Los Angeles.  If you can't visit in person, take advantage of the online sources at

Getty Museum Center

Canada Independance  Day

Coloring Book of Flag
History of the Canadian Flag from CRW Flags
DLTK's Printable Crafts for Kids-Canada Day
Make a Canadian Flag Pinwheel

American Independance Day

July 4
Coloring Book of Flag
American Flag
History of the American Flag from CRW Flags
Craft Freebies-Patriotic Themes

Bastille Day
French Independance Day
July 14
French Flag Print-Out from CRW Flags
History of the French Flag from CRW Flags
Art Teacher on the Net-Visit France-Art Projects

Visit Yellowstone Online This Summer

Yellowstone National Park-Kids Page

Go to the National Gallery online and take the virtual tour
of Thomas Moran

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
See the Painting at the Artchive website.
Be sure to click on painting to enlarge it.

Suggested Activities and Questions.
1.  Look and study this painting very closely.  Write a letter to a
friend who has never seen this painting and describe for them what
it looks like.  Give them a mind's eye view of it.
2.  Would you like to visit this place?  Why?
3.  Have you ever visited the Grand Canyon?  Paint or Draw a picture
about your trip.
4.  What do you think that the people are talking about that are in the
5.  What colors do you see?  What time of year do you think it is?
6.  Do you find diagonal lines?
7.  Why do you think that the painter has painted the people so small?
8.  Imagine that you are in the painting, standing on the cliffs where
the people are standing.  What do you think you would be talking about?
9.  Is the texture of the painting bumpy or rocky?
10. What has the artist done to create a sense of wide open space, and
grandeur in the painting?
11. Why do you think that the artist has painted this scene?
12. What does the painting "say" to you, or make you think about?

Take a trip to the Zoo this summer.
The  San Diego  Zoo  offers a number
Arts and Crafts Projects

Enchanted Learning

Canoe Project

or Family Fun

Learn how to play the piano online.

Piano Nanny


Resources for Christian Homeschool Teachers or VBS

Happy Birthday  to  You
July 15, 1606-Rembrandt van Rijn
July 16, 1796 -George Catlin

Travel the World This Summer

What is Your Favorite Destination?




Where would you like to go this Summer?  Create your own art lesson before or after you return.