Art for the Classroom Teacher-The Basics

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Spiral Bound Art for the Classroom Teacher-The Basics Book

Art for the Classroom Teacher-The Basics A How to Book for creating Art in Your K-6 Classroom is a welcome reference for any classroom teacher.

Sampling of Topics Covered in the Book

1. Defining art. 2. Why teach art? 3. What do politicians think about art in the classroom. 4. What can you do to address the budget cuts? 5. Locate the link to the Core Standards initiative information. 6. What are the functions of art? 7. How do I teach art to children? 8. What materials and supplies do I need? 9. Tips for Storing Supplies 10. Art Safety in the classroom. 11. How do you look at and understand art? 12. What words describe line? 13. What words describe texture? 14. What words describe color? 15. What words describe shape? 16. What words describe space? 17. How to create puppets. 18. Using construction paper to create amazing art. 19. How to mix colors 20. Creating a mixed media artwork 21. Analyzing art with children.

Teachers, Homeschool Parents, others who teach art to children. Take a 4 week online workshop with the author.

Art for the Classroom Teacher