Catherine from Fairhaven Middle School in Bellingham, Washington 
writes. . ."I am a middle school teacher and would like to hear
how other teachers are dealing with grading.  I use a simple 5,4,3,2,1
points, and grade on specific assignment criteria, participation, and
clean-up responsibilities.  How are others grading?"

Thank you very much for this important question.  ART TEACHERS!
How are you grading?  Please submit your methods for evaluating
and grading student art work.  It should be interesting to see the

I teach a number of college level art classes and this is the 
assignment and grading standards that I use for my Humanities and
Art History classes.

25%-Completion of 5 Study Guides related to text readings and lectures.
100 pts. possible on each.
25%-2 page museum analysis paper.  Worth 100 pts.  
25%-6 page term paper.  An artist from the period we are studying
is selected and a biography and analysis of two works of art is
required with a bibliography attached.
25%-Attendance and Class Project Participation (Writing and Art Projects)

In Studio classes I teach, Adults and Child level, I am careful to
evaluate only on completion of projects and incorporation of theoretical
ideas rather than a subjective judgement of technical skill level.  A
sample evaluation method for a studio class might look like the

20%-Completion of In Class Art Projects
20%-Completion of Sketching & Art Idea Journal
20%-Completion of Term Art Project-Create a Project that Utilizes
the Elements of Composition (Line, Texture, Space, Color, and Shape)
20%-Completion of Master Artist Project
20%-Attendance, Completion of Class Critiques
No late work accepted without a 10% per day penalty for lateness.

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