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Hero Drawing

Materials Needed:

Drawing Paper
Index Cards
Soft Erasers
#2 or Soft Lead Drawing Pencils
Colored Pencils
Photograph of Someone Students Feel Is Considered to be a Hero

Suggested Art History Prints:  The Many Famous People Silkscreen of Andy Warhol
Portrait of Albert Einstein or other Famous Celebrities
Portraits of Sports Figure Celebrities
Portraits of Musicians, Businesspersons, Humanitarians or other Celebrities
George Washington or other Famous President
Internet Sources:
"Jackie" by Andy Warhol
National Portrait Gallery with Portraits of Famous Presidents

Hero Drawing

Divide the class into small groups.  Give them index cards to describe a person that the group agrees upon is a hero.  Describe personality characteristics as well as physical attributes.  After each group is finished ask each group to share their index cards with another group.  That group (together) using colored pencils the group (together) will draw the hero of the other group and try to guess who the hero is. Each group will share their drawing with the class at the end of the session.  Use hand-outs to create futher discussion about heros or role models in our society.