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Tweens and Teens Going Green!

for Northeast Ohio Regional Library System Librarians

Course Title-Tweens and Teens Going Green Art Programming for Ohio Librarians.

Course Description

Tweens and Teens are already green.  They have an appreciation and sensitivity to going green.  Now you have the opportunity to share fun and educational art projects and programming with them.

Tweens and Teens Going Green Art Programming for Librarians workshop is just what you need this Spring to inspire your same ole, same ole, programs and interject eco friendly art project ideas and programming.  Did you ever wonder what you to do with recycled fast food containers, magazines, old books, plastic bottles and other throw aways?  In this 4 week online workshop you will learn how to develop themes that incorporate tween and teen interests with an appreciation for nature, ocean life, and other subjects.   This is your opportunity to develop a portfolio of creative ideas that you can use with your tween and teen groups immediately.   Get ideas for your upcoming Summer Reading Program.  This class is for everyone-even those without any art background who want to  stretch their creativity, skills, and budget by making hands on projects with objects that they may have previously tossed away. 


Instructor Valerie Colston, M.A. is an author and art instructor with many years of experience developing and teaching art programs in libraries in San Diego, and Orange County California on site,  and across the nation and even internationally online.  This 12 hour online workshop is inspired by the newly released and recommended (School Librarians Feb. 2012) book published by Libraries Unlimited titled Teens Go Green! Tips, Techniques, Tools, and Themes for Young Adult Programming Libraries Unlimited Dec. 2011 .   Ms. Colston was an art consultant to the Wyland Foundation Ocean Challenge program for teachers.  Her book 200 Projects to Strengthen Your Art Skills published by Barrons Educational Series has received outstanding reviews appearing in School Library Journal, National Art Education Association newsletter, and more. Her It's Easy to be a Green Teen  appeared in the youth librarian publication Voices of Youth Advocates magazine.


12 hour online workshop.   The May 13th-June 10th workshop is free to Northeast Ohio Regional Librarians.

Illustrated Lecture, Discussion Board Topics, and Class Assignments.

The Workshop will begin May 13th and continue through June 10th and is free to Northeast Ohio Regional Library System Librarians. Reserve your space by contacting Valerie Colston at Include Ohio Workshop in the Subject Header and include your name and email. You may join the workshop through the first week.

Course Objectives

Librarians and staff taking this class will learn teaching tips for working with tweens and teens.  They will also learn step by step instructions for creating art projects, see illustrated outcomes, and be encouraged to develop their own portfolio ideas.  Participants will be encouraged to develop their artistic skills and gain confidence in developing ideas for Tween and Teen programs.

Week 1-What do you need to go green?  Tips, Techniques, and Resources.

What eco-friendly supplies do you already have?   Where can you find resources locally for creating green art projects and ideas?   How does going green effect your budget? Tips for teaching art to groups.

Week 2-Tweens and Teens Just Wanna Have Fun!

This unit helps you to discover how to find your Tweens and Teens likes and interests;  and how to transform those favorite things into program and art project ideas. You will never look at "trash" the same way again.

 Week 3-Green Money Matters.

What can you make on the cheap out of those things you would normally throw away.   Recycled Tabletop Fountains and other group art projects are also the stars of this unit.

Week 4-Art in Action.  Inspiring Projects that Change the World and Make the World More Fun

Learn how to use art for social good.  Using art to raise money for a cause, mixing the generation, and holidays are just a few of the projects that round out this last week.


Here's what youth librarians are saying about past art workshops (Arts and Crafts for the Youth Librarian) with the instructor:

This class has planted the seeds for many ideas, and provided resources that I can go back to when I'm stumped. I would recommend this class to people who are looking for fresh ideas and new resources, or for people who are new to programming.

In working on this workshop I have worked also on my Summer Reading Program for our library. Week 3 gave so many ideas to use that it was fun to do them and discover which ones would work well for our young patrons. I now have crafts for at least 2 of the 4 books we will read in my Youth Discussion Group. I am well ahead of the game.

I really enjoyed answering the questions about the piece of art in the museum. I want to use some of the questions I learned this summer when we read "Chasing Vermeer" because the book deals with a piece of art.

Thanks for all the help with one of my books for the Summer Reading Program.

Well, I had not thought about bonding art and books together in one reading hour before, so I got new and interesting views of what to do. Thank you for the wonderful ideas.
I had a great time brainstorming ideas and reading the suggestions everyone had!
I feel I learned how to study a painting in more depth. That a painting is made up of many facets. The lines, colors and textures all blend together to make one painting.

I gained lots of great ideas from everyone. The ideas were great and I will incorporate some of them into my programs.

I will keep a copy of the different things I have learned in this session of the class to apply it to painting I encounter. It is exciting.

I bookmarked several of the sites presented in the lessons which will come in handy when I get stuck for ideas. It also helps reading the other's experiences in working with library patrons in crafts events.

Finding ideas are hard to find and this is a wealth of information for myself and the library.

Thank you very much for the wonderful and interesting web-sites, you mentioned. There are so great ideas.

I was delighted to find some new web sites for inspiration - many of my students love to draw and I hope to integrate some of the cartoon drawing lessons in to our weekly book club meetings, possibly in the creation of bookmarks, etc.

It has been great having so much information all in one place. I enjoyed browsing through the many websites & links. Many are new to me. I appreciate all of your suggestions for organization, supplies, storage, recycling, and art tips & resources.

Where do I begin! I have learned about so many resources. I really liked the online scavenger hunt, what a great idea. I also really loved the letter writing with beads.

This week gave me a great many resources to use in our library. I really had to think for the scavenger hunt but I love the idea and did work our a hunt. I also thought the "wanted" poster was fun as well .  .  .

There really are a wealth of information and ideas to explore.

I would recommend this class to others. After all I took this class because my supervisor recommended it to me.

I have definitely learned a great deal in this course and would recommend it to others.  I am a new librarian, and I did not know what to do with arts and crafts.