The Museum as Educator-Looking at Art with Children & Teens  and Everything In Between-Enroll Today-Starts January 2, 2017    Enrollments accepted through the first week of the workshop.


Past participants include docent trainees, museum educational specialist, children's museum curator, and teachers. Join other museum staff who have enrolled in this informative class.


Advice for looking at art with babies, 2's, 3's, and even those Tweens, Teens, and everything in between.


Take the class as an individual, as a docent, or museum staff group.   Join the fun and build a portfolio of art ideas for introducing your visitors to art and creating hands on art projects.


Here is a sampling of what they are saying about the class:

I particularly liked the section about how to look at art with the various age groups - thinking about where each group is at and how best to approach them on their level.

I found the video made by the Art Institute very interesting as well.

I really enjoyed watching all of the videos in Unit 1 that were geared to the different age groups.

I realize that it is important to prep the students before they ever get to the museum and this is something that I haven't really done very well in the past.


I also like the idea of having museum "games" to get them more involved and interested.


Network with Art Instructor, Artist, and Author Valerie Colston and others in your field while working at your own pace in this online class that is open 24/7.


Children remember their first field trip to a museum for the rest of their lives. It is important that the experience is educational and fun.  This workshop will give you advice and practical tips for making the Art Museum one of the most favorite of memories and learning places.  This 4 week workshop is for museum educators, docents, volunteers, teachers, parents, and museum students. It is for anyone who has the responsibility of giving tours to children, parents who want to give their children a rich cultural experience, and for teachers who want to use the resources in their classroom.

You will learn how to prepare for the Art Museum visit through art exercises,  other art resources,  and letting children know what is expected of them at the museum.  Specific guidelines for looking at art and making it fun for students through interactive discussion and games will be presented.  Participants will learn teaching techniques to reinforce the museum visit back in the classroom or through a studio art experience in the museum facility.

Museum educators and docents will learn what to do before the museum visit, during the presentation, and follow up to make the tour most effective. Sample Children's Tour Scripts and Games will be included. You will learn how to tie themes together to create a fun and informative tour.

Tips and resources for looking at art with preschoolers, elementary, tween, and high school students-including those with special needs and challenges will be included in this workshop.

This workshop will examine famous works of art from the child's point of view. 

We will take a look at a number of Art Museums resources that are available to parents, teachers, and museum educators.

Along with analyzing artwork participants will create hands on art projects.

Tips for teaching art history to children will also be included.

Week 1-

What can the Art Museum teach us?

What to do before visiting the Art Museum.

Guidelines for Looking at Art with Children.

Examine it! Looking at Art Up Close!

Virtual Trip to the Art Museum.

Make It! A Studio Project.

 Week 2-

What can children teach us?

Tips for managing groups.

What to do at the Art Museum-the Day of the Trip?

Games and other distractions.

Examine it! Looking at Art Up Close!

Virtual Trip to the Art Museum.

Make it! A Studio Project.

Week 3-

Following up! What to do After the Museum Visit.

Taking the Art Museum back to the Classroom and Home.

Examine it!  Looking at Art Up Close!

Looking at Art with children with Special Needs and Challenges.

Virtual Trip to the Art Museum.

Make it! A Studio Project.

Week 4-

Make the Classroom an Art Museum.


Get Exhibited! Student's Work in the Museum.


Examine it!  Looking at Art Up Close!


Make Your Own Virtual Field Trip.


Make it! A Studio Project.



The Museum as Educator-How to Look at Art with Children

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4 week workshop

12 hours overall



The online teacher workshop may be accessed 24/7.  Expect to spend 3 hours a week or 12 hours overall throughout the class.  All those finishing the class will receive a handsome non-credit  "Thank You for Your Participation" Certificate.  The class is interactive, you will have a chance to post topics and questions to others in the class and to the facilitator-a working art history instructor. 

This 4 week workshop is entirely online and facilitated by an experienced art instructor.


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