Materials Needed

Newspapers-Cut into strips
Masking Tape
Tissue Paper (Red, White, Black or other Colors)
Paper Mache Mixture
(Mix Wheat Flour, Water, and a small amount of white glue into a consistency of buttermilk)

In Mexico, at the end of a nine day celebration called "posadas" which symbolizes Mary and Joseph's long journey to Bethlehem and their search for shelter, children celebrate by breaking open a piñata.  The piñata is filled with treats, and is easy (although a bit messy to make).  First thing about the shape of your final project.  Will it be a Santa, a Christmas Ornament, A Bear?  Blow up Balloons for the Skeletal Intrastructure, and attach paper cups, or paper towel rolls for arms, shoes, etc.  One balloon can be attached to another with masking tape, and feet, shoes, arms, can also be attached with masking tape.  Tear strips of newspaper and dip into the paper mache mixture.  Cover the balloon and other structures completely.  Let completely dry. It will take a day or two, maybe even three. Cut an opening into the dried piñata, fill with candy or gifts, and glue back attaching masking tape to seal.  Now, glue tissue paper onto the outside, or paint.   The piñata can be opened the tradition way with children hitting the piñata with a bat, while blindfolded, or a more preferable, maybe at school method, by cutting and removing contents by the teacher.  A great take home gift for parents.