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Native American Faux Leather, Buffalo Storytelling Cloth, Arrow (Pencil) Canister:
Native American vest, Native American Sand Painting:
Recyled Bird House, Magic Flute & Guitar, Decoupage Can:
French Perfume Sachet Handmade Paper, or Bookmarks, Lifesize Paper Doll :
Hawaiian Lei, Volcano, Batik:


Parent/child Early American Sampler, African Body Painting, Woodsies Project, Textural Rubbing:
Portrait Drawing, Shadow Drawing:
Art History for Kids-Follow Links through and you'll find a Seurat Painting Exercise:

More Project Ideas

Christmas Quilt Decoration, Spoon Angel:
Russian Lacquer Plate, Russian Fairy Tale Projects, Lacquer Boxes:
Find out how to Make the Faux Leather Below:
Kaleidoscope Ideas (New):
Dolphin Project Sheet, Native American Symbols, Sign

Fire Truck

Even Lots More Free Projects