"Creating Displays" for Librarians

Online Workshop for Librarians and Staff

Class Start , Septembr 16th  through September 23rd.

No Prior Art Background Required

Are you the "go to person" in your library when a display is needed?  Could you use some training, advice, ideas and networking with others who are designing displays?

Is there a display you need to create for your library?  Bring your idea to class and we will help.

4 week 12 hour online workshop

Approved for 12 LEUs (Indiana Librarians)

All Librarians and Staff Welcome.

See what other librarians and staff are doing in their libraries. 

Recent Participants said. . .

I have learned a lot about how to create good displays with catchy posters.  It made me explore and find out about useful websites.  I feel equipped to get to work and have fun with new displays.Thanks!

I've gained new resources and ideas to feed off of.

Incorporating ideas and subjects beyond what is mainstream is of interest to me.
Re-purposing was pretty useful since I am hesitant to spend money on potentially one-time deals.

I have gained some fresh perspectives and new resources. The first week of class really gave me some better ideas on designing signage and the fourth week I enjoyed the font tutorials

I appreciate all the helpful information and resources I've been introduced to here. Pinterest was usually my "go to" for display ideas but there is clearly a whole other wold out there to explore for ideas. I have really taken away signage tips on lines, graphics, fonts and colors to use in mind. 

All of these resource links have been so helpful! I'm always thinking of where to cultivate new display ideas, so I'm happy to have plenty of out-of-the-box ways to think of topics. My biggest takeaway though was what could go along with the display to give out. From little freebies to bookmarks, I'm going to be thinking of companions that would go with my displays.

I LOVE paper crafts and that last link in prop resources is going to be of use!

I gained insight into how other librarians and teachers are being creative with their displays. I loved how a first grade teacher and her husband created a tree book display for her classroom. Definitely sprucing up a display with a mixture of colors and props can add the engagement element that you are looking for. On a different note, it was great learning about all the different themes for each month. I can see myself doing another book display in the near future. I enjoyed the class.

Class starts September 2, 2019.   Enroll today in this popular 4 week class, or enroll throughout the first week of class, through September 9th, 2019.

Managers, enroll your entire staff for a professional development group project experience.  Group Rate  Discounts.


In this class, you will learn

The language of display

How to plan themes for displays

Tips from professional visual merchandisers

Important design aspects for building a display

How to get library visitors to notice your displays

Ways to get your message across

Getting the wow factor you want

Using recycled materials to stay on budget

Do you have a question about display planning?  Bring your questions to class.

Work on an Upcoming Display in Class

Learn how to create a portfolio of ideas for future use

You or Your Library may purchase the class through the secured pay pal site below using your own credit card or paypal or if your library is paying for the class a Library Invoice will be provided upon request. Please contact me at art259@hotmail.com or crafts@artmuseums.com  for more information.

One enrollment per individual. Group rates available.

4 week workshop  $99.00 (USD)