Grab Your Passport and Virtually Travel to Australia in this 4 Week Art of Many Lands Online Workshop Tour. This class explores practical ideas and resources for creating your own Australian Themed Projects and Programming for Children and Tween/Teens.


The first thing we will do is visit the capital city and learn a little about the country, then its onto the outback and its rich history. You will learn resources for creating architecture such as the Sydney Opera House and even how to protect Koala's and explore the Coral Reef.  You will create a portfolio of ideas that will culminate in lots of project and programming ideas that you can use in your own library.

Week 1-Let's Do it!  We will start off by locating resources for finding project and program themes from this interesting country.  You will begin on day one to build a portfolio of ideas that you will take home with you.

Week 2-It's out to the Outback. This is where you will learn about the fascinating and creative aboriginize art.  We will create rock, and bark paintings and learn how to blend art and story telling.

Week 3-Our next stop on this exciting voyage is learning about the animals of Australia and how to save the Koala and explore the Coral Reefs. You will find resources and ideas for creating unique and meaningful programming.

Week 4-This week we will make Boomerrangs out of recycled materials, a replica of the Sydney Opera House, and more.  You will plan your own Australian Themed program using what you have learned. You will return home with many resources that you have learned along the way.

This class is for everyone.  No prior art experience required. It's 12 hours overall and you can access the materials at any time 24/7.  Easy to follow instructions make it easy to learn and have fun.



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