Moving Papers

You've probably noticed that much of the trash you throw out is paper.  There is packaging, junk mail, copy paper, newspaper, magazines, etc. Even artists use art papers, scrap paper, drawing papers but what happens to those little bits and pieces?  One of the things I did when I created projects for my Teen Go Green! Tips, Techniques, Tools, and Themes for YA Programming was to incorporate recycled paper into my artwork.

This exhibit features one of the pieces included in that book. That artwork titled Dancers not only incorporates new and recycled materials the subject deals with motion as do the rest of the artwork in this exhibit.  

Annotated List of 5 Images from Moving Paper Exhibit

  1. Dancers (Mixed Media Paper) 2011  11x 17 with mat

This artwork features a couple dancing. The faces are left blank so that the viewer might imagine that they are the dancer. This artwork was included in the Teen Go Green! Book.


  1. The Skater (Colored Paper) 2011 11x 17 with mat

The skater is placed diagonally to show energy and motion.


  1. The Passage (Mixed Media) 2013 11x 17 with mat

Although this is a landscape there is movement as the boat glides through the water from one point to the next. You can also look at it as an allegorical transition or poetry in motion.



4.      Valentine Dancer (Mixed Media) 2013 11x 17 with mat

The view can visualize the movement of the dancer. Which is the correct position? The viewer can imagine the figure dancing upright or turned upside down on her head.


 5.      Blue Butterflies (Mixed Media) 2014 11x 17 with mat

The movement in this artwork is exemplified by the blue focal point that grabs our attention. Are the flowers also blue butterflies?


The following artworks were  on display at the Vista Library (San Diego County Library.)