Tweens and Teens Go Green! Art Exhibit at Your Library.  Imagine an art exhibit at your library that teaches recycling and art skills.  Participants will enjoy discovering original art in the stacks, on the walls, atop bookshelves or in display cases-you decide where to place them.  The Art Exhibit arrives in a box with a simple label cards and a catalog outlining the artworks and the basic materials used. The exhibit will be featured at your library for l month.  You can decide if you want to send it back, keep it a little longer or purchase it. The exhibit will include instructions for creating 2 projects that relate to the exhibit.

Artworks will vary and are inspired by Teens Go Green! by Valerie Colston. 

The following artworks are currently on display at the Vista Library (San Diego County Library.) 


What Does the Exhibit Box include?

1. 7 Original Art Works (Artworks will vary) created by Valerie Colston (Author and Art Teacher on the Net)

2. Suggestions for exhibiting the artwork in your library.

3. Catalog and Label Cards for Artworks.

4. Program Idea Suggestions.

Reserve Teens Go Green! exhibit now. Contact Art Teacher on the Net 

You can purchase Art Kits for the programs separately.