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Make an Arkansas Flag by using the resources found at

The Flags of the World Website

You can print out a flag image from this site. Color it or create a construction paper copy.

50 States Website

A wonderful site where you will find flag information, state bird, state flower and other interesting state facts. Use the site to create a travel brochure lesson of the your state in your classroom or other projects using the resources you find there.

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism
Free E-Post Cards and Desk Top Screen Savers

Wonderful Images of the many natural beauties Arkansas has to offer.

Akansas State Parks Teacher Resources

Akansas. Com Resource Website

Free Vacation Planner, and many Art and other Resources through this Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism site.

ACME License Maker

Create a License Plate of your state online or use the site as research in locating what the license plate of another state looks like.  Ask your students to create their own license plate using their own imaginations. What do they want people to know about their state?  What is the state bird?  Use the art project to teach cross curriculum topics.

University of Arkansas

Information about the role of Arkansas as a major rice producer and researcher.

Use Rice as a Medium for an Art Project.  See Resources below:

Rice Straw Museum

Nita Leland Rice Paper Collage

Create a collage using rice.  You can find many coloring sheets as a template by conducting a search on the internet for "coloring sheets," using the state flag resource above or by visiting the website

Suz Coloring Link

You will find lots of coloring book sources here.

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