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alabama flag

Make an Alabama Flag by using the resources found at

The Flags of the World Website

You can print out a flag image from this site.  Color it or create a construction paper copy.

50 States Website

A wonderful site where you will find flag information, state bird, state flower and other interesting state facts.  Use the site to create a travel brochure lesson of the your state in your classroom or other projects using the resources you find there.

Alabama Education

You will find lesson plans, art organizations and more at this Alabama educational resource site.

Alabama Arts in Education

You will find art resources from this government art agency.

Mobile Museum of Art

Lesson Plans, Info about Art Tours and More

Birmingham Museum of  Art

Very nice website with many art resources for teachers including printable art lesson plans.

National Park Service-

Alabama Lesson Plans and Resources


Friends Across America Coloring Sheets of Each State







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